1. Why is it important to have a website?

    It is fast becoming expected for any reputable business to have an internet presence. Your website can be as simple as one page "About Us" with a description of your products and services, and contact information, to a wiz bang multimedia production. read more

  2. Decide on your type of website

    There are several types of websites on the Internet each specializing in a particular service or use. In this tutorial we will be looking at the design of commercial and/or personal websites although the basic principles would apply to any type of site. read more

  3. Things to Consider Before You Start Your Website

    Having a website, be it for your company, business, hobby, association or just for fun is an exciting and logical move forward, especially if you are seeking new customers or members or are simply just looking to tell the world about you or what you do. read more

  4. What's SEO?

    One of the best ways to drive traffic and attract customers to your Web site is to improve your Google page rank. That's what we call SEO (Search Engine Optimization) while a search engine optimization strategy won't ensure top billing for your site; it will increase the likelihood of higher exposure. read more

  5. Web Glosary

    You’ll find in the list, some of the main meanings of Website terms. We recommend you to take a look at them so you can widely understand more about your site. view glosary

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