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Things to Consider Before You Start Your Website

Having a website, be it for your company, business, hobby, association or just for fun is an exciting and logical move forward, especially if you are seeking new customers or members or are simply just looking to tell the world about you or what you do. But, if you want to do well and be successful, you should start thinking about your website well before you start building it.

Below are some ideas and tips when it comes to planning your website and what to do before you begin the building process.

  1. Choose Your Domain Name (URL) Carefully - Something that quite often gets overlooked or gets left to the last thing is the domain name you are going to be using. Domain names or URL's have keyword benefit, so you must choose your domain carefully. If you were selling blue slippers, your domain in an ideal world would feature the words blue and slippers, as this will have some ranking benefit. A prime example is if you type "property investment" into Google and look at the first result you see. It is hard exercise to change things over after the even, so make sure your domain name is relevant and try to get a keyword or two in their if possible.
  2. Think About Your Goals - Don't launch a website for the sake of it, or just because you think you need one. Take a step back and decide what you want to achieve from the website and write these down into a list. Are you looking for sales? Are you looking to promote an event? There are many reasons for getting a website, but by writing down your goals, you can make sure your website is designed to try and achieve your requirements.
  3. Look At Your Competition - If you are looking to launch a business online, a good way to learn what to do right, and of course what not to do, is to look at what your competitors are doing. Write a list of the top five competitors, make notes of why their website is good and also what they could do better. By doing this you can then implement the best ideas on your website and also capitalize on the areas that they are weaker in.
  4. Plan Your Menu And Pages - In a spread sheet, make two columns. In the first column write down your main menu and in the second you can then put in the sub menus or child menus. By doing this you will get a good idea of how many pages you are going to have and what content you need, and you can also see any areas that might be weak or maybe have two man pages.
  5. Write Some Unique And Quality Content - A good website is built around one thing, and that's good quality and unique content. Google loves content, your users will love content and making these two happy should be your top priority. Good content keeps people coming back, and if you get this done before your site goes live, it will save much time and frantic rushing towards launch date.

If you are now convinced of what you have to do for starting your own web, click here and see more about our web design service or ask for a free quote now.

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