ElmwoodKitchens.com is one of the most important and representative furniture online stores. Many years of experience have earned Elmwood Kitchens a solid reputation as a leader in the industry. An all this is reflected in its website, where interactive images mixed with detailed descriptions give the costumer a feeling of familiarity.

Flowebuyer.com is a website dedicated to flowers sells and actions. Buyers can access and purchase an extensive selection of cut flowers from growers in Colombia, Ecuador, Holland, Italy, Costa Rica, Thailand, New Zealand, the Caribbean and Australia.

Jobsforwine.com is a website that offers a space where winery related employers and jobseekers can get together and find what they need. As an employer you can find the best résumés, you can recruit the best personnel; and as a jobseeker you can find the best working offers in the market.

Almacendelibros.com is one of North America´s largest sellers of remainders and overstocks, also known as Bargain Books. Here we also were in charge of creating this website but in this case we added new complex features since it's a wholesale website.

OfertonDeLibros.com is one of the North America´s largest sellers of Bargain Books. Bargain Books are new, unread books that the publisher sells-off in volume to reduce excess inventory. Compuniagara.com created a website dedicated to sell these books trying to make it look like a real store. The logo design and the complete features in this site were made by our team.

The Wells of Hope Group is a non-denominational group founded on Christian principles. We are committed to responding to the cry of the poor and to help them attain for themselves, the basic necessities of clean water, education, and basic healthcare.

The Paideia Centre for Public Theology is an academic Christian study centre committed to relating the Gospel to all areas of life. Christ is the “author of life” and thus holds the key to life “under the sun.”But this clue needs to be pursued with all the rigor we can muster and that includes the highest levels of academia.

The Reformational Publishing Project (RPP) was created to publish books,articles, speeches and conferences through the time of Christian Philosophy. Our job consisted and create a website with the full information about this project.
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