Welcome to Compuniagara
Compuniagara is a company that provides it solutions, improving the productivity, relations with their customers and suppliers.

This success is based on a ratio of adding value, where you focus on your business and Compuniagara acts as a partner specializing in information technology, designing and / or managing the technology solution and many opportunities being responsible for integrated processes that may include infrastructure, human resources, applications, monitoring and auditing.

Compuniagara knows their requirements and provide a pool of solutions improving your business, scalable for all king of realities: Industry and commerce, 􀃶nantial, government and public services that comes from provide hardware and communications to business solutions.
Mission and Vision
Our vision is to provide quality service while trying to provide the best means possible to reach beyond the standards of our customers, therefore we make use of innovative technology to help our clients be on a competitive edge, and help them to achieve perdurable success.

Nowadays, technology is more related to successful companies, so more and more of them are upgrading on technology and maximizing their profits.

As a dedicated offshore web developing company, we use technology to create powerful solutions that focus on such critical areas such as enhancing customer relations and increasing revenue opportunities.


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Computer Networks

Marketing Online

Graphic Design

Computer Programming