Our main point here is to make your Website the most visited in the web. We got a special team dedicated to get it.


While link building is the force behind strong rankings, on site optimization truly makes it count. Stemming directly from keyword research, onsite search engine optimization concretizes your keyword targets, helping you rank. Onsite SEO makes sure search engines know what each page on your site is about, so they know what terms to position you for.

  • On page optimization of the most important aspects on every page
  • Ensuring an optimal full site architecture, favorable to search engine robots
  • Adjustment and maintenance of on page content as circumstances dictate
One Page at a Time
NVI knows how to focus your efforts on site to create the clearest possible page-by-page content picture for search engine bots. We optimize meta-tags, URLs, alt-attributes, and other elements to accommodate universal search, then craft keyword-rich writing that still reads naturally to a human eye.

Site-Wide Strategy
While part of optimization involves getting the most out of each individual page, each page of content must fit within the high level, coordinated plan. After determining the ideal site architecture through research and review, we make sure the architecture is well-reflected and clear to search engine robots. We manage the page rank flow, interlinking strategically on your site to keep your most important pages as the most supported, shifting attention away from pages with less value.

Inside and Out
As your marketing campaign develops, we ensure that your onsite strategy remains optimal. We tweak your targets as your rankings improve, refining and creating content whenever necessary.


Any good organic seo optimizer knows that links are the fuel for the ranking machine. After all the analysis and strategy, link building is where the meat of the work is, making the difference in getting you ranking at least on the first page, from which 80-90% of search engine traffic comes.

  • Strategic establishment of linking partners
  • Building large amount of links through various strategies to get you ranking
Expert Solicitation
NVI can assess websites quickly and effectively, knowing not only how, but who to contact. We are able to vet the ideal linking candidates for relevance, quality, and search engine presence, and know what it takes to get the desired results, whether through exchange negotiation, providing content, or a variety of other strategies. NVI knows that ranking well means building authority through a backlink profile you can be proud of.

A Tactical Barrage
Different clients are often better suited to different link building strategies. While there is a core of activities that work across the board, we can identify and develop new options, including link building through social media optimization (a specialty of ours), the development of widgets and plugins, and more. There is success in variety, and NVI is well-positioned to keep your inbound links diversified, natural, and strong.