About Us

CompuNiagara is Canadian based Technology Company. The company was founded in 2001 and we focus on all things connected and the software hat makes them run. Our goal is to maker your experience seamless so you can sit back, relax and do more.

Do you run a business but you are not computer savvy? Here at CompuNiagara, our purpose is to make your life easier. We design, install, and provide IT solutions so that you don’t have to worry about your technology failing because we will deal with that so you can focus on solely on running your business. the way you want it.

CompuNiagara will assist you with your technological problems but also provide you with information on how the problem is being solved and insight on what we are doing to prevent this problem from recurring .

Contact us for all equipment, cable management service, or any networking and website solutions related issues/questions. We are here to make sure your business communications run smoothly.

Some of Our Services Performed

  • Network Infrastructure & Data Center Solutions
  • Wireless Infrastucture
  • Firewall Security
  • Security Solutions
  • Managed IT Service
  • Web Strategy
  • IT Consultancy

Network Infrastructure & Data Center Solutions

Multi-Platform Networking
Data Centre Operations
Virtualization Solutions
Structured Cabling

Wireless Infrastucture

Enterprise Wireless Solutions
Wireless Hotspot Solution
Wireless Security

Unified Communication Solutions

VPN (Virtual Private Network)
Firewall and Router
Video Filtering Web Pages

Security Solutions

Network & Data Security
Perimeter Security & Acces Control
Queve Management Systems
Mobile Device Management

Managed IT Service

IT Service Level Agreement
Desktop & Server Supports
IT Infrastructure Maintenance
Application Management & Support

System Integration

Web Design
Web Development
Web Strategy
Digital Marketing

IT Consultancy

IT Strategy & Planning

Quality Assesment and Management

Infrastrctural Design & Project Management