Data Center and Networks

We develop tools that facilitate the design, optimization and deployment of a data network. Our logistics provides all the components you need to implement a data center, such as: communication equipment (switch, router, WiFi, SIP), structured cabling (cat5, cat6), servers (ATX, 1U, 2U, 4U), components for servers (hard disk, memory, processors, power supply, network cards), cabinets (built-in, individual, adjacent), management console (kvm), high availability and fail-safe systems.

We offer:

  • Adequacy to standards and compliance

  • Appliance Net Secure

  • Appliance BackOffice

  • Data center design and implementation

  • Layer 2 and Layer 3 Device Configuration

  • Redesign and optimization of Networks

  • Provisioning and deployment of managed services in the data center

We develop tools and procedures to implement standards, audit, diagnose, and mitigate security risks. We design plans to optimize documentation management for procedures, incidents, and events; This is intended to reduce compliance fatigue.

Conformity to the standard

  • Consultancy in Implementation of the PCI-DSS standard

  • Application and procedures of the PCI-DSS standard in data centers

  • Wi-Fi network assurance for PCI-DSS compliance

  • Network redesign and segmentation for the PCI-DSS scope

  • Planning and design of compensatory measures for the PCI-DSS standard

Data center and Networks

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