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What is a Network Perimeter?

A network perimeter is a boundary between the internal network and the Internet. Perimeter security is securing the network (servers, workstations, databases to name a few) with different concepts. The network must be designed securely to withstand any type of attack.

Importance of Network Perimeter

In today’s business environment, we rely heavily on our devices to stay connected and our dependence on network security has increased due to the growing number of cyberattacks. However, as businesses expand, so are the location and the addition of devices and many of which are being used outside the network perimeter, then, presents a problem when it comes to security.

Network Security Firewall as a Services

Firewall as a Service or also called FWaaS, is a service that through a firewall equipment (hardware) gives you maximum security on your network, however you can decide whether to allow or block specific traffic based on a defined set of rules of security.

Network Security Cybersecurity

Our experienced network technicians can help to setup and maintain your server infrastructure from the deployment of next generation firewalls, and secure e-mails and communications servers, to anti-spam / antivirus server equipment and web filters protecting your corporate users .


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