Support and maintenance

Compu Niagara was born with the purpose of becoming your strategic ally specialized in providing IT solutions to homes, companies and educational institutions in person and online. Made up of a group of professionals with solid training and extensive experience willing to offer you our IT technical service . We will take care of everything related to computing so that you can dedicate yourself exclusively to your line of business.

Most frequent problems:

Slow computers?

At this point, it is best to make sure that these drivers are updated to the latest version, which we can do by consulting the website of the device manufacturer.


As we all know, a virus that manages to infect the software that is installed on our computer causes it to not work correctly, generating various inconveniences, which in some cases can even be irremediable.

Hardware problems

Knowing how to recognize the most common mistakes in any subject is a basic knowledge to anticipate possible mistakes.

We offer the following solutions


Correct the defects observed in the equipment or facilities

Realization inspection and cleaning to ensure its proper operation and reliability.


If we do not keep our computers up to date, we expose ourselves to all kinds of risks: theft of information, loss of privacy, financial damage, identity theft, etc.


Bitdefender is a world leader in computer security, offering the best threat prevention, detection and response solutions worldwide. (Original software)

What will you achieve with us?

One of the most amazing benefits of the MSP is saving money. Although it seems that having staff and resources on staff is always easier than hiring external services, the reality is fair, on the contrary.
Your company has limited resources. When you have to spend time and energy making IT decisions on complex systems, it is very likely that you will fall away from your business goals.
Security is an extremely important issue. Your network has vulnerabilities that you must protect against.
Being able to access a 24 × 7 preventive and proactive operation and administration service, which is often difficult to set up with the internal IT team.
We develop tools and procedures to implement standards, audit, diagnose, and mitigate security risks. We design plans to optimize documentation management for procedures, incidents, and events; This is to reduce and optimize the IT support burden on the business.

Support and maintenance

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