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Cybersecurity is the practice of protecting systems, networks and programs from cyber attacks. Generally, these cyber-attacks are aimed at accessing, modifying or deleting confidential information; extorting users or disrupting business continuity.

The rapid development of technology brings with it new and dangerous risks for companies, but we are prepared to protect you. We have highly qualified security technicians, with certifications from leading manufacturers and a wealth of experience, so we are well prepared to assist you with your company's IT security.

Network security is a company's duty.

Today’s computer threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated and dangerous, such as Ransomware, which can threaten business continuity if we are not prepared. Compu Niagara’s services are the perfect complement as cybersecurity solutions.

Is your information safe?⚠

We offer you a Network Audit, where we will review and analyze the status of your Network Security and provide you with best practices in Cybersecurity.

What is Ransomware?

This term refers to a type of malware (malicious software), which are designed to compromise your computer, that is, infiltrate and encrypt your information, not only a computer but also the different systems you may have in your network. They demand an amount of money as an economic ransom in exchange for releasing it.

From where they come?

Ransomware is designed by scammers with extensive knowledge, experts in computer programming, commonly called hackers. They can enter through your computer in an email attachment, through your network or from your browser, if you visit a website infected with this type of malware.

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Benefits of our cybersecurity service

Ensures data integrity

Mainly, the use of cybersecurity software helps us protect the data and the integrity of the company's IT equipment.

Reduce risks

Due to the contracting of cybersecurity services, the risks of attacks on the network are considerably reduced since they prevent the user while browsing the Internet.

Productivity increase

The reason for the contracted cybersecurity services, since they protect the corporate network against any aggression even while working, allowing the work to continue and increasing the productivity of the company.

As more and more countries encourage their citizens to stay at home or to study or work from home, the time has come to focus on cybersecurity, be it your own or your workplace.