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  • What is Firewall?
  • What does Compu Niagara offer?

A robust Firewall is a key component to protect your network and business information against cyber threats.

Compu Niagara offers a variety of dedicated and managed firewalls.

Our expert security team can free your time and resources from intensive firewall maintenance.

Support for network and application security.

To begin, choose our range of firewall services because you also get end-to-end network security with the support you need. Now, implement your own firewall today or talk to us about a managed security service.

Ways a firewall works

What is Firewall as a Service?

Firewall as a Service or also called FWaaS, is a service that through a firewall equipment (hardware) gives you maximum security on your network, however you can decide whether to allow or block specific traffic based on a defined set of rules of security.

Can any company acquire the service?

First of all, we have the necessary equipment according to the needs of the company. What’s more, Compu Niagara has professionals trained to carry out the correct installations in accordance with the best practices in the industry, and a complete management of the firewall according to your requirements. So get the same protection for all your workers, anywhere.

Indicators that your company needs FWaaS

Firewall Device

Use firewall devices

With one or thousands of devices, you can manage policies extremely easily thanks to a FWaaS.

Switch device

I don't have a firewall

Or also using a consumer grade router. However, you do need to use an enterprise-grade firewall with threat protection.

IT technicians

I don't have IT staff

Firewalls and threat protection are not an area to guess or use a trial and error approach.

Security technicians

Don't have a security expert on staff

Even seasoned IT professionals can know very little about security management these days.

remote work

Many locations and remote workers

A large number of wheels turning creates more complex management. FWaaS simplifies that.

Our Offerings

Virtual Private Network

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

It allows you to connect all the computers of your collaborators with your office, using the Internet connection, in an encrypted and secure way.

Firewall and Router

Firewall and Router

We block unauthorized accesses and generate network routes between the headquarters that your company may have, rationalizing bandwidth.

Filtering Web Pages

Filtering web pages

We block all non-productive web pages for your company, optimizing bandwidth consumption

It is time to raise the level of your network and security system. Your success depends on it.


All network traffic is added to the cloud, whether it’s from remote users, data centers, or branch offices. Therefore, there is a single point to DPI that eliminates the tedious task of keeping distributed firewall policies in sync. Firewall devices are also removed. All company locations are served by a single cloud-based firewall with an application-friendly security policy.
The scalability of FWaaS is a by-product of its simple architecture. Using a single firewall to process all traffic simplifies capacity planning. Adding new sites and bandwidth changes also becomes easier.
This is also a by-product of the simple architecture of FWaaS. The legacy firewall architecture required specific transport firewall devices for branch offices that do not use MPLS. And, an organization can obtain firewall appliances from different vendors, or even different models from the same vendor. Having different devices makes it difficult to maintain a uniform security policy across all of them.
By migrating the firewall to the cloud, companies can benefit from centralized management as well as single security driven by complete visibility of the entire network.
Legacy firewall appliances required frequent software updates and patches. Lack or delay of updates created security risks. FWaaS firewalls are always up to date, so there are no risks of late or lost software updates. This frees up IT staff to spend their time planning for future infrastructure needs rather than maintenance.
When you use the managed firewall service, you get IT security experts who are proactive in detecting new threats and mitigating them. In addition, the risk of threats to network security as a result of incorrect firewall settings is minimized, and in the event of a failure, there is also fast recovery.
FWaaS providers help manage and monitor every security device used by your network. This typically includes managed firewalls, anti-malware and anti-virus protection, custom security services, virtual private networks (VPN), vulnerability scanning, and intrusion detection that help meet industry compliance standards.

Firewall as a Service FAQ

  • What are the Firewalls and how can I implement them?

    Firewalls allow you to implement rules that filter the traffic and URLs that can be accessed through the Internet, from devices connected to the network. Rules revolving around URL whitelisting and blacklisting, for example, are enabled through the firewall and prevent certain IPs from accessing network resources and vice versa, preventing network users from connecting to IP as web pages that are considered inappropriate or unproductive.

  • How secure can firewalls be?

    Firewalls are highly secure and are ideal for protecting against specific threats, such as incoming and outgoing computer hackers, malware, unauthorized outgoing data, and other risks. It is worth noting that firewalls are simply a first line of defense and should be complemented by other security tools.

  • Is it okay to have multiple firewalls?

    A single firewall should be sufficient for any network unless the are business requirement that mandate otherwise. Contact us if you are unsure.

  • What is the price of a Firewall as a service?

    The cost of "Firewall as a Service" is more flexible for companies, since it is consumed as a service through a subscription, rather than buying hardware or software licenses. Pricing per month or year, for example, depends on the FWaaS provider, but is generally quite affordable.